Distributed Order Management

for BigCommerce

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Scale Omnichannel, Multichannel, & Global Operations

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Ditch Spreadsheets & Manual Processes
for 98% Automation

Inventory Management

Real-time, cross-channel control to optimize inventory turnover, prevent oversells, and cash in on preorders and backorders.



Automate item, order, & transaction workflows for almost any business scenario using prebuilt flows for retail growth.

Transaction Processing

Connect to the technology you already use to efficiently trigger payments, customer notifications, & tracking throughout the entire order lifecycle.

Smart Fulfillment Routing

Automate fulfillment logic & advanced routing rules (capacity, priority, proximity, split ships) for the highest margins & best customer experience.

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High margins and happy customers

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Fulfillment Routing for Higher Margins, Capacity Control, &  

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We've been able to save on headcount in Customer Service, Accounting, & IT while increasing sales volume 9X.


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VP Marketing & Ecommerce


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Automatically process 98% of orders

Spend less time on tedious tasks like updating inventory, fulfillment, and managing returns so you can spend more time on your customers. Process up to 98% of your orders automatically, using smart rules to get you the highest margins and a reliable customer experience for every order.

Now your team can focus on global, multi-channel, and high-volume growth at scale. Something a lite solution just can’t do.

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Give your customers everything they expect for an easy shopping experience

Stay up to date with new consumer habits with features that automatically deploy like new payment types, delivery updates, and convenient omnichannel options. You'll always have everything you need to meet consumer expectations -- without the legwork.

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We surpassed our sales goals this year with several days of peak volume and had the quietest year technology-wise thanks to Deck Commerce.
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What type of retailers need distributed order management for BigCommerce?

  • Focused on growing sales volume, omnichannel, multi-channel, or globally

  • Using multiple fulfillment centers, drop shippers, 3PLs, or warehouses

  • Processing 100K+ orders a year

  • Using manual or time-intensive processes to manage inventory, transactions, or fulfillment, ultimately preventing you from growth

  • Continually innovating to keep your customer experience competitive

If you're a high-volume retailer looking to optimize BigCommerce order management, check out our app or reach out to see Deck Commerce in action.  

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