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      Even complex paths

      can be happy paths

      with Deck Commerce OMS for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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      Brands using SFCC + Deck Commerce to deliver the best customer experience
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      Order management is more than a buzzword.

      A dedicated order management system (OMS) is no longer viewed as a cost center, but a way to drive top-line growth through more timely, cost-effective fulfillment options, and increased customer satisfaction.

      More brands are seeing the value of investing in an order management system outside of their current technology stack, rather than using the light OMS functions offered by their software suite. Deck Commerce is a SaaS, built-for-purpose order management system (OMS) for high-volume, DTC retailers leveraging Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

      Order management for retail isn’t just something we do, it’s all we do - which means we can help you increase margins and customer satisfaction, no matter how complex the retail scenario.


      A Comprehensive OMS

      to Power the Ideal Post-Purchase Experience

      Warehouse Inventory

      Inventory Management

      Real-time, cross-channel control to optimize inventory turnover, prevent oversells, and cash in on future inventory.

      Workflow order orchestration colored

      Order Orchestration & DOM

      Automate item, order, & transaction workflows for almost any business scenario using prebuilt flows for retail growth.

      Transactions nOtifications

      Transaction Processing

      Connect to the technology you already use to efficiently trigger payments, customer notifications, & tracking throughout the entire order lifecycle.

      Buy Online Pickup in Store (BOPIS)

      Omnichannel Fulfillment

      Empower your customers to buy anywhere, so you can fulfill anywhere—regardless of channel or node.


      Return & Exchange Management

      Let OMS turn a liability into a competitive advantage through smart, prebuilt workflows around return management.

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      How a Traditional Brick-and-Mortar Retailer Pivoted to Omnichannel in Just Four Weeks.

      "We realized execution needed to happen on the backend to create the ideal customer experience."


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      Why retailers choose Deck Commerce OMS to complement their Salesforce storefront

      New Balance

      "We surpassed our sales goals this year with several days of peak volume and had the quietest year technology-wise thanks to Deck Commerce."


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      Salesforce Commerce Cloud + Deck Commerce OMS

      What type of retailers need Deck Commerce OMS?

      • Focused on growing sales volume, omnichannel, multi-channel, or globally

      • Using multiple fulfillment centers, drop shippers, 3PLs, or warehouses

      • Processing 100K+ orders a year

      • Using manual or time-intensive processes to manage inventory, transactions, or fulfillment, ultimately preventing you from growth

      • Continually innovating to keep your customer experience competitive

      If you're a high-volume retailer looking to optimize your order management, reach out to see Deck Commerce in action.  

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