Never lose a sale due to inventory issues, stockouts, backorders again.


Inventory Management

Inventory management is not only crucial to a positive customer experience but also profitability. Deck Commerce provides cross-channel, enterprise-level inventory visibility and optimal control for accuracy.

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Never lose a sale because of inventory issues again.

  • Cross-channel visibility  (to both you and your customers!)

  • Improve inventory accuracy

  • Prevent lost sales to stockouts and shrinkage

  • Reduce the unnecessary cost of overstock

  • Avoid frustrating customers


Real-time, cross-channel visibility into all available-to-sell inventory.

  • Aggregate & update inventory across channels (online, stores, marketplaces, dropshipping, etc.)

  • View available-to-sell (ATS) inventory at a glance

  • Expose inventory to customers in all channels

  • Allocate inventory % to specific channels

  • Update inventory quantities in real-time

  • Safety stock (even by SKU!)

  • Set preorder & backorder quantities

  • Bulk exchange & cancel items

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Lower overall industry costs by reducing stock-outs & overstocks. - McKinsey


of businesses have shipped an order late because they inadvertently sold a product that was not in stock. - Conveyco

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Frustrating customers due to inaccurate inventory?

With Deck Commerce brands have real-time, cross-channel inventory visibility.

Additionally, you can display certain percentages of inventory to different channels, and leverage safety stock so your customers see exactly what is available where— to prevent inventory headaches and customer frustration.

Shipment Info

Need to cancel a SKU on multiple orders?

Whether due to manufacturing, recalls, or inventory shifts— brands can easily update inventory levels and modify orders based on SKUs.

Ship from Store

Lack cross-channel inventory visibility?

If a customer sees store inventory on your website and  goes our of their way to pick up in store— but it's not there when they arrive— they are not a happy customer. 

With Deck Commerce brands have the ability to expose the most accurate ATS inventory from every channel, whether online, stores, marketplaces, and more!

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Never lose a sale due to inventory issues again.

Chat with an order management expert and get full visibility into your available to sell inventory.


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