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Together, BigCommerce and Deck Commerce empower merchants by delivering a seamless omnichannel strategy. 
Deck Commerce streamlines everything that happens on the backend for merchants after customers place orders. While the focus is getting the online store up and running, what happens after an order is placed is typically an afterthought.

Fast time-to-market. Flexible integrations. Affordable pricing. 


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Create End-to-End Omnichannel Shopping Experiences 

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Increase Revenue

Provide a better customer experience with more product and fulfillment options.


Optimize Inventory

Leverage inventory across your entire network—regardless of where it's located.

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Reduce Expenses

Ship products from the fulfillment location closest to your customer.


Deliver Orders Faster

Automate order processes to deliver items in the most cost-efficient and timely way.

What type of BigCommerce merchants need Distributed Order Management?

Growth revenue

Focused on Growth

Merchants growing sales volume, omnichannel, multi-channel or globally.

Warehouse Inventory

Multiple Fulfillment Channels

Merchants leveraging more than one fulfillment channel including warehouses, 3PLs, dropshippers, or retail stores.

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Merchants processing more than 50k orders per year who are looking to automate manual order processes.

What type of retailers need distributed order management for BigCommerce?

  • Focused on growing sales volume, omnichannel, multi-channel, or globally

  • Using multiple fulfillment centers, drop shippers, 3PLs, or warehouses

  • Processing 50K+ orders a year

  • Using manual or time-intensive processes to manage inventory, transactions, or fulfillment, ultimately preventing you from growth

  • Continually innovating to keep your customer experience competitive

If you're a high-volume retailer looking to optimize BigCommerce order fulfillment, check out our app or reach out to see Deck Commerce in action.  

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High margins and happy customers

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*Cost savings assumes labor costs at $25 per hour.  Results of this calculator are estimated. Actual savings will vary based on specific business requirements. 



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Fulfillment Routing for Higher Margins, Capacity Control, & Visibility

To sustain margins with a D2C model, retailers need to automate as many customer-facing and time-intensive processes as possible with DOM.  If you were previously focused on wholesale or are starting to grow D2C sales, you should consider the sheer volume of individual orders (and inventory pieces) you’ll be managing now vs the small number of large orders on the wholesale side. 

For example, in a wholesale model, shipping a single pallet with 100 items to a single retail store, collecting payment, and updating inventory to reflect the change is much less complex than selling 100 items directly to consumers. A D2C approach requires consolidating orders from all the different selling channels (branded sites, apps, marketplaces, stores), relaying allocated inventory back to all selling channels, determining the most profitable location to fulfill the orders, communicating order updates, checking for fraudulent orders, shipping items to 100 different addresses, and managing reverse logistics leaves more room for error and poor margins without automation. 

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Automatically process 98% of orders

Spend less time on tedious tasks like updating inventory, fulfillment, and managing returns so you can spend more time on your customers. Process up to 98% of your orders automatically, using smart rules to get you the highest margins and a reliable customer experience for every order.

Now your team can focus on global, multi-channel, and high-volume growth at scale. Something a lite solution just can’t do.

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Give your customers everything they expect for an easy shopping experience

Stay up to date with new consumer habits with features that automatically deploy like new payment types, delivery updates, and convenient omnichannel options. You'll always have everything you need to meet consumer expectations -- without the legwork.

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