DTC Retail isn't one-size-fits all 

And your order management shouldn't be either.


Industry Sweet Spots

Different industries have unique challenges and opportunities. Brands need an order management system that's purpose-built for their industry. We specialize in the following industries to ensure our customers have the right tools (and industry expertise) in place to meet their specific needs.  


Managing returns, launching new products, optimizing store revenue, and dropping shipping. How Deck Commerce helps footwear brands hit the ground running. 


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Inventory visibility across all channels, omnichannel strategies, and optimizing returns. Why right-sizing order management works for apparel brands. 


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Kid, Toy, & Baby

Gift registries, return process, and seamless customer communication. Learn how order management doesn't have to keep you up at night.


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Consumer Electronics

Preorders and backorders, digital product warranties, and omnichannel fulfillment options. Supercharge your order management processes.


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Luxury Goods & Jewelry

Omnichannel shopping experiences, store inventory visibility, and seamless returns. Make every customer experience a VIP experience.


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Sporting Goods

Cutting final mile costs, leveraging preorders and backorders, and optimizing returns. Learn how Sporting Goods brands are gearing up to go DTC.


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Home Goods & Decor

Product registrations, real-time cross-channel inventory visibility, and generating revenue through preorders & backorders. Design your ideal customer experience. 



Health & Wellness

Personalization and convenience, subscriptions, and digital products. Learn how Health & Wellness brands take good care of their customers with OMS.


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Additional Industries

We work with a variety of industries to optimize their order management so they can meet the unique needs of their customers.

  • Wine & Spirits

  • Outdoor Recreation

  • Kitchen & Meal Prep

  • Tools & Home Improvement

  • Automotive, Cars, & Boats

  • Music & Arts

  • Packaged Foods

  • Fashion & Accessories

  • Beauty

  • Home Automation

  • Computer Hardware

  • Pet Products

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