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      Curate the Ideal Customer Experience

      from Storefront to Front Door.

      The Need for Order Management Systems (OMS)

      Direct-to-consumer commerce is complex with consumer expectations at an all-time high. Deploying a modern and scalable order management system allows brands to simplify and streamline their order management process— while creating a positive customer experience that drives retention, improving lifetime value and overall brand performance.

      OMS is not just something we do, it is what we do.

      Order Flow

      What is an Order Management System?

      An order management system (OMS) coordinates the functions of back-end systems & customer-facing channels. Powerful order management brings all retail channels together and empowers brands to connect with customers exactly where and when they want to buy—whether click, cart, or curbside.

      Omnichannel Inventory

      What types of retailers need Order Management Software?

      High-volume retailers with complex fulfillment and/or a global presence

      Have multiple fulfillment nodes & a complex supply chain

      Selling on multiple channels and/ or marketplaces

      Considering an omnichannel retail strategy (BOPIS, BORIS, ship from store, etc.)

      Growth revenue

      Why are more retailers investing in OMS?

      An OMS is no longer viewed as merely a cost center, but a way to drive top-line growth through more timely, cost-effective fulfillment options, and increased customer satisfaction. 


      of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. - SuperOffice


      of consumers will abandon a brand after a single negative experience. -PwC

      Deck Commerce Order Management Solutions

      Deck Commerce order management system (OMS) is a SaaS platform built specifically for high-volume, direct-to-consumer retailers. Our natively comprehensive platform along with our API-first framework enables brands to optimize the entire order lifecycle—from storefront to front door.

      Perhaps most importantly, order management is our sole focus, not an additional module to a patchwork set of systems. Our laser-focus expertise and best practice recommendations drive our product roadmap and give brands a competitive advantage to curate the ideal customer experience— turning every customer into your best customer.

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      Core Product Functionality

      Inventory Management 

      Never lose a sale due to inventory issues.

      Inventory management is not only crucial to a positive customer experience, but also profitability. Deck Commerce provides cross-channel, enterprise-level inventory visibility and optimal control for accuracy.

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      Inventory management

      Order Orchestration & Fulfillment

      Curate your ideal customer experience.

      Even the most complex paths can be happy paths. Leverage Deck Commerce advanced order routing and distributed order management (DOM) to fulfill orders from the best location, at the best cost— with limited manual processing.

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      order orchestration

      Omnichannel Retail

      Harness the power of each channel together.

      Studies show that omnichannel shoppers spend more both in transaction size and overall lifetime value. With Deck Commerce, retailers have a “buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere, return anywhere” business model— improving both the customer experience and overall profitability.

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      omnichannel retail

      Transaction Processing

      Turns out the devil power is in the details.

      Retailers need to manage every aspect of an order. With Deck Commerce, you can trigger and monitor actions during processing including payment, SMS notifications, emails, financials, tax, loyalty programs & fulfillment updates.

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      Transaction processing order management

      Return Management 

      Turn a predictable liability into a growth opportunity.

      Returns in retail can be complicated, cumbersome, and costly. An order management system (OMS) enables retailers to automate and coordinate the return process to decrease cycle times and handling costs.

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      return management

      Customer Service Portal

      A 360° view of your customers.

      Order management is the linchpin to curating the best customer experience. While Deck Commerce can automate the processing of up to 98% of orders— our full-lifecycle customer service portal empowers agents and store associates to effortlessly keep your customers happy.

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      Customer service



      Unleash the power of each channel.

      Leverage our certified, prebuilt integrations to ensure your customers get the best experience, every time.

      Deck Commerce Storefront Integrations


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      "We surpassed our sales goals this year with several days of peak volume and had the quietest year technology-wise thanks to Deck Commerce."


      See Deck Commerce in Action.

      One of our order management experts will walk you through our OMS & provide no-strings-attached recommendations for your most common use cases.


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      See why more retailers are selecting an OMS outside of their current technology stack. 

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