Make the most complex paths, happy paths

To get (and keep) more customers. 


Order Orchestration & eCommerce Order Fulfillment

Even the most complex paths can be happy paths. Leverage Deck Commerce's advanced order routing and distributed order management (DOM) to fulfill orders from the best location, at the best cost— with limited manual processing.



Capture and process orders based on best practices and business preferences.

  • Automatically process up to 98% of orders

  • Faster processing time = faster order fulfillment cycle time

  • Power omnichannel fulfillment

  • Reduce unnecessary headcount and manual order processing

  • Advanced fulfillment capabilities to ship from the right node, at the right cost

  • Smart fulfillment logic based on business preferences. 



Configure smart workflows for how, when, and where an order is fulfilled.

  • Prebuilt, configurable workflows

  • Omnichannel fulfillment options including BOPIS, BORIS, ROPIS, ship from store for eCommerce businesses & retailers

  • Cross-channel order aggregation

  • Distributed order management (DOM)

  • Smart routing logic based on fulfillment capacity, inventory, proximity, and more!

  • Order flagging & grading

  • Configurable workflows for:

    • Digital products (eGifts, warranties, etc.)

    • Bundling & kitting capabilities

    • Grace periods

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Why Retailers Need Order Orchestration & DOM


of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. - SuperOffice


The average cost for online retailers to fulfill an order is 70% of the average order value. - Conveyco

Common Problems Solved by Order Orchestration


Manually processing preorders and backorders?

With Deck Commerce, you can automate preorder and backorder workflows to reduce the time your team spends updating payment, inventory, and customer communication— giving your customers a reliable experience every time.


Prefer ship complete or partial shipments?

With Deck Commerce, brands can automate workflows based on inventory levels, capacity, proximity, ship complete, split shipment— or a combination of rules.

Our workflows are built with industry best practices for the best fulfillment margins & customer experience.


Have headaches dropshipping for a third-party retailer?

With Deck Commerce, brands can leverage smart routing workflows that:

 • Increase fulfillment margins

 • Centralize all orders

 • Automate channel-based compliance & fulfillment rules (fill or kill, packing requirements, etc.)

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"We surpassed our sales goals this year with several days of peak volume and had the quietest year technology-wise thanks to Deck Commerce."

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