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How a Traditional Brick-and-Mortar Retailer Pivoted to Omnichannel in Just Four Weeks

"We realized that execution had to happen on the back end to create the ideal experience."


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Distributed Order Management with Deck Commerce 



Spend more time on your customers & less time managing orders.

Inventory Management

Real-time, cross-channel control to optimize inventory turnover, prevent oversells, and cash in on preorders and backorders.



Automate item, order, & transaction workflows for almost any business scenario using prebuilt flows for retail growth.

Transaction Processing

Connect to the technology you already use to efficiently trigger payments, customer notifications, & tracking throughout the entire order lifecycle.

Smart Fulfillment Routing

Automate fulfillment logic & advanced routing rules (capacity, priority, proximity, split ships) for the highest margins & best customer experience.

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Learn the best ways to manage the order lifecycle effectively without completely overhauling your technology stack.


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