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Seamless Ecommerce Migration: Saje Natural Wellness' Journey from Salesforce Commerce Cloud to Shopify with Deck Commerce

How Saje lowered their total cost of ownership, maintained enterprise-level complexity, and sped up implementation timeline by 75%.


Saje Natural Wellness aimed to enhance the efficiency and agility of their ecommerce platform. Having initially adopted Demandware (now Salesforce Commerce Cloud) for its renowned storefront capabilities, they now sought a solution to better align their platform with their needs.


They realized SFCC was not only too much for what they needed, but expensive to maintain. “Salesforce is a developer-based platform while Shopify is a configuration-based platform. It’s something our internal teams can operate and maintain easily without hiring extra development support,” said Sean MacLeod, Head of Technology at Saje Natural Wellness.



While Saje needed the flexibility and ease-of-use a Shopify storefront provides, they operated an enterprise business with complex processes and systems. 


The migration had to be seamlessly executed without compromising their customer experience or disrupting their backend processes that were already in place—and they needed to make the switch before the holiday season.



The Saje team understood that as an enterprise brand with multiple distribution centers, having a streamlined order management system was pivotal, regardless of storefront. Saje needed visibility into all inventory sources—to know what they had and where they had it—and fulfill orders in the most cost-effective way. These were capabilities that neither Shopify nor Salesforce Commerce Cloud could provide. 


“Storefronts are best in class at presenting and transacting with a brand, but how you orchestrate that order fulfillment, that’s where the OMS shines,” said MacLeod.


So, when switching storefronts, Deck Commerce acted as the “gatekeeper” between the frontend and backend systems ensuring their complex backend processes were unaffected by the storefront migration.


“With Deck Commerce in place, the biggest processes that didn’t have to change during the migration, were the biggest processes of all—our ecommerce fulfillment pick, pack, and ship processes,” said MacLeod.


While the entire project took five months from start to finish, the technology migration only took 8 weeks. MacLeod stated that without Deck Commerce in place, the technology implementation alone would have taken his team 8 months to complete, plus he would need to hire people to maintain it.

Leveraging Deck Commerce, sped up their implementation timeline by over 75%—allowing Saje to be up and running on Shopify well before the holiday season.

With Deck Commerce, Saje seamlessly migrated from SFCC to Shopify without having to change any of its backend business processes. They now have all the benefits of working with a Shopify storefront, without having to sacrifice any of their complex business processes and systems.

Saje aspires to continue to create amazing omnichannel experiences for their customers regardless of channel—continuing to lean on Deck Commerce as the single source of truth for all orders.


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backend processes changed


new FTEs required


faster implementation


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