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Pharmaca Simplifies Complex Order Processing, Supporting 9x Growth on Adobe Commerce Site


Previous OMS: Oracle Netsuite OMX
Industry: Health, Wellness, & Beauty
Use Case: Optimize & automate processes to support scalability, customer experience

Since launching their website in 2010, health and wellness retailer, Pharmaca, has seen significant growth in sales volume and product mix. To support this growth on their storefront, they built their site on Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento), which allowed them to make their customer experience exactly what they need it to be on the front-end to support their growing business.



In 2017, Pharmaca realized their current OMS wasn't meeting their needs on the backend to support their storefront as they continued to grow. It lacked agility, was time-consuming to implement new technology as quickly as consumer habits changed, and came with unreliable technical support. This ultimately hindered Pharmaca’s fulfillment operations and their long-term scalability.



The wellness retailer knew they needed a dedicated OMS that could handle complex operations and limit manual fulfillment processes.

In 2018, Pharmaca selected Deck Commerce OMS to support their customer experience beyond the storefront – giving them confidence they had efficient and reliable technology to support the customer experience throughout the entire order lifecycle.

The implementation was completed by the in-house OMS specialists at Deck Commerce and included:

  • Automated rules to make complex backorders efficient including:

    • Timed processing retries
    • Payment reverse authorization and re-authorization
    • Payment capture according to shipment triggers

  • Consumer-centric solutions for partial shipments, safety stock, buy now pay later, marketing integrations, loyalty, and more

  • Continual updates automatically deployed to their OMS tools to keep up with new consumer trends




increase in sales volume


orders automatically processed


uptime & support for spikes in sales volume


We've been able to save on headcount in Customer Service, Accounting, & IT while increasing sales volume. 


Laura Coblentz
VP Marketing & Ecommerce


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