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Global Shoe Retailer Uses Deck Commerce to Stay One Step Ahead of the Market


This global shoe retailer has partnered with Deck Commerce for more than 20 years to solve omnichannel challenges and optimize their operations around the globe. As sales continued to grow in the US and internationally, the retailer leaned on the scalable OMS reference architecture to easily implement technology for additional fulfillment capabilities and offer new customer experiences globally.



This retailer needed to concurrently implement solutions to two key challenges in two different areas across the globe:

1) Grow market share in the APAC region 

2) Expand their store-fulfillment capabilities in the US



Deck Commerce OMS provided the groundwork for this shoe retailer to solve these challenges.

First, based on the success they saw with their North American and European sites, this retailer expanded their use of Deck Commerce OMS to also power their APAC operations including Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Malaysia. They knew that automating up to 80% of the order lifecycle would not only speed up the fulfillment timeline but provide their APAC customers with the best experience. Additionally, they were able to expect a faster, smoother implementation—getting their products into the hands of their customers more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Meanwhile, the U.S. team was also focused on expanding their store fulfillment capabilities. After seeing lower in-store traffic and a massive increase in local ecommerce orders, they quickly transformed their San Francisco store into a micro-distribution center using Deck Commerce’s in-store fulfillment module—leveraging store inventory, and reducing delivery time & shipping costs. They shipped nearly 2,000 orders from the SF store in the first three weeks.

Deck Commerce provided this global shoe retailer the ease of expansion and agility to stay one step ahead of the market.




of order lifecycle automated


in-store orders processed in the first three weeks

"Working with Deck has been integral to our growth, a partner we can rely on, and they remain critical to us as we move into the future." 


President & CEO


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