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Natural Wellness Company Uses Deck Commerce to Increase Ecommerce Fulfillment Capacity by 900%


This retailer is on a mission to redefine wellness through using natural ingredients to create safe and effective products. In 2020, they decided to upgrade their fulfillment process to optimize the experience for their community members.

Previously, to fulfill orders they used a custom fulfillment workflow plugin they built within Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Fulfilling orders meant sending custom HTML files to their fulfillment centers which then had to be manually printed, checked, and physically given to the picking station. It was a "very clunky and very manual” process that was prone to errors on a normal day, let alone during high volumes.



Primarily a brick-and-mortar operation, this retailer operated around 80 stores in Canada in early 2020, but when the pandemic struck, they had to move everything to ecommerce on a system that could barely support their peak volume. Plus, at the time, they only had one distribution center that could handle around 1k orders per day.

To transform into a truly omnichannel business, they needed a system that could handle this high volume of ecommerce orders and support the addition of another distribution center.


The retailer opened an additional distribution center and leveraged the geolocation function of the Deck Commerce order management system to route orders between the two warehouses. This allows them to draw a geographical circle around each distribution center telling the OMS to route ecommerce orders that fall within that circle to the appropriate fulfillment location.

As one distribution center has a higher fulfillment capacity than the other, these circles were set up to route 70% of ecommerce orders to their higher capacity warehouse—preventing overwhelmed fulfillment centers while providing the best service levels to their customers.



Before implementing the Deck Commerce OMS and opening a second distribution center, this retailer could only fulfill around 1k ecommerce orders per day. Now, they’re fulfilling 10k orders per day and have the capacity to fulfill that many per hour if needed.

With the Deck Commerce OMS, those manual processes are a thing of the past. What took 20-40 minutes of manual time per order is now completely automated. Plus, they now have full visibility into order status if a customer calls in asking about their order—something they never had access to before.


order processes automated


increase in fulfillment capacity


hours saved per year through automation


We've been able to save on headcount in Customer Service, Accounting, & IT while increasing sales volume. 


Laura Coblentz
VP Marketing & Ecommerce


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