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How a Global Consumer Goods Retailer Built Their Digital Transformation Strategy with a Winning Tech Stack 


A global consumer goods conglomerate comprised of over 100 brands knew that if they were to continue to stay competitive in their industry and reach their growth goals, they needed to commit to a digital transformation strategy. They had tried to implement this project three times before, but for a variety of reasons, each time was unsuccessful.  

This retailer knew that if they were going to successfully scale their DTC operations, they needed not only the right, but best technology stack. 



The conglomerate’s overall business strategy is to acquire brands of similar focus areas and verticals and leverage the best leadership, expertise, and technology across all brands. 

But trying to streamline over 100 different brands comes with challenges. Multiple backend systems (ERPs, WMS etc.) and multiple selling channels (ecommerce sites, physical stores, marketplaces, drop shipping etc.) create complex business processes with siloed inventory and data. 

To solve this problem they decided to audit their existing technology vendors —including their order management systems. The goal? To build a standardized tech stack containing only best-in-class vendors that could be used across all their brands.  



After a year-long evaluation process with executive leadership and outside consultants, Deck Commerce was selected as the best order management system to help this retailer achieve their go-to-market strategy.  

Deck Commerce takes inventory from all the different systems and channels and aggregates it into a single source of available-to-sell inventory that can push out to all the different selling channels. It provides this retailer will the real-time, cross-channel inventory visibility they need to take their omnichannel operations to the next level.  



Moving forward, this family of consumer goods brands plans to expand globally, bring more of their brands onto their DTC ecommerce model, and invest heavily into improving their end-to-end customer experience. Thanks to their partnership with Deck Commerce, they have the tools and expertise they need to scale their operations and turn every customer into their best customer. 


source of truth for all inventory sources & channels


sites launched in 2 years


million orders processed by end of 2022


million in revenue feeds through Deck Commerce


We've been able to save on headcount in Customer Service, Accounting, & IT while increasing sales volume. 


Laura Coblentz
VP Marketing & Ecommerce


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