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How OMS Played a Key Role in Newell Brands’ DTC Digital Transformation Strategy 


With sixty brands, Newell Brands knew they needed to commit to a digital transformation strategy to not only streamline their operations, but to keep their business agile enough to “future-proof" against anything the retail industry throws their way.  

And to successfully scale their DTC operations, they knew an order management system that could support the complexities of powering multiple brands was a key piece to their new technology stack.  



Trying to streamline sixty different brands comes with challenges. Multiple backend systems (ERPs, WMS etc.) and multiple selling channels (ecommerce sites, physical stores, marketplaces, drop shipping etc.) created complex business processes with siloed inventory and data. Plus, they had a variety of ways they were managing orders—from using multiple order management systems to having their ERPs act as an OMS— which wasn’t sustainable for growing a DTC business.  

They knew they had way too many systems and needed to reduce their technical architecture, streamline their processes, and reduce costs. To solve this problem, they decided to audit all their existing technology vendors—including their order management systems—and build a standardized tech stack containing only best-in-class vendors that could be used across all their brands.  



After a year-long evaluation process with executive leadership and outside consultants, Deck Commerce was selected as the best order management system that could help Newell Brands achieve their DTC strategy.  

Deck Commerce takes inventory from all the different systems and channels and aggregates it into a single source of available-to-sell inventory that can push out to all the different selling channels. It provides Newell will the real-time, cross-channel inventory visibility they need to take their DTC operations to the next level.  

Newell can now manage multiple brands with different rules all in one single system. “Even though we have a single system, we can provide a customized configuration of settings based on the brand’s strategies and goals. For example, we can set up Graco Baby differently than Yankee Candle and we are able to manage that out of a single system. We don’t need to have multiple systems or force all the brands to do things one way. That is the biggest win for us.” - Mariana Turchak, Sr. Manager, Order Management Solutions. 

Leveraging a modern, cloud-based OMS like Deck Commerce results in significant total cost of ownership savings for brands like Newell. Considering the costs associated with software, people, and operations, Deck Commerce estimates a cost savings of +$50,000 per brand compared to legacy order management approaches; and for retailers who have a large portfolio of brands, that equates to material savings flowing straight to their bottom line. 

A dedicated OMS like Deck Commerce provides Newell with visibility into all their DTC orders including auto-syncing with their CRM for their customer care agents, enabling customer self-service options, and automatically keeping customers updated throughout the entire order lifecycle. “Having Deck Commerce as a central point has allowed us to enhance our customer care in multiple ways with significant reduction in our top call center touchpoint of order status,” says Shannon Moeggenberg, Director, Enterprise Products & Omnichannel Solutions. 

What’s the Impact of Call Center Activity? 

Based on research from F. Curtis Barry and Company, a nationally recognized operations and fulfillment consultancy, the average cost per call for a call center is between $2.70 and $5.60. In addition, the need for consumers to contact support reflects an inherently poor shopping experience. With Deck Commerce’s purpose-built OMS, the cost savings from reduced call center touches along with improved consumer satisfaction materially improve both top-line revenues and operating margins for brands like Newell. 


Now with a streamlined system in place, Newell Brands can easily onboard new brands into the ecosystem and get them live in weeks rather than quarters. Having the Deck Commerce OMS as their source of truth enables them to easily add new order channels as they grow while keeping everything under the same umbrella. 

Moving forward, Newell Brands plans to continue to unlock a true omnichannel experience through their BOPIS and Ship from Store operations. Thanks to their partnership with Deck Commerce, they have the tools and expertise they need to scale their DTC operations and turn every consumer into their best consumer. 


source of truth for all inventory sources & channels


sites launched in 2 years


weeks to onboard new brands during initial launch


We've been able to save on headcount in Customer Service, Accounting, & IT while increasing sales volume. 


Laura Coblentz
VP Marketing & Ecommerce


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