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Global Footwear Retailer Speeds Up Fulfillment Timeline by Automating 98% of Order Processes with Deck Commerce


This global footwear retailer and Deck Commerce's partnership began in 1998 when Deck Commerce (Deck Internet Solutions) consulted them on ecommerce best-practices. When Deck Commerce shifted their focus to create a best-in-breed order management system in 2015, this retailer was one of the early adopters. They worked together to solve omnichannel challenges to make the retailer one of the world’s most agile brands.



This retailer needed an OMS to automate processes their teams were spending hours doing manually—such as determining the most efficient ways to process orders, viewing inventory available to sell, and making sure their data was being passed through all their systems accurately.

After attempting to build their own solution and looking at a variety of different vendors, they realized the value of having an order management system that is both comprehensive and extensible, and built by direct-to-consumer experts.



The brand leverages Deck Commerce OMS to optimize their order management processes for both their outlet and main brand websites in North America, Europe, and APAC.

Together they set up smart fulfillment routing based on business rules to efficiently get products into the hands of customers. They also created specific workflows to meet custom routing needs such as:

  • Capturing payment up-front for custom shoe designs (vs. standard in-stock items) to mitigate risk.

  • Sending transaction information to their upstream and downstream systems, third-party integrations, and to their customers.

  • Giving customer service teams visibility into orders placed across the enterprise.

Overall, Deck Commerce automates 98% of orders—reducing errors and allowing this retailer to focus on amazing customer experiences.




order processes automated


site uptime


year relationship


hours saved


Even with increased ecommerce volume in 2020, this past holiday was one of the quietest holidays technology-wise thanks to Deck Commerce.


Sr. Manager Enterprise Applications
Global Footwear Retailer


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