Universal Product Information

Streamline your product merchandising functions to deliver on today's shopping promise.

Aggregate, manage and syndicate your product data across all of your digital sales channels.
Product Data Aggregation
It is not uncommon for product data to be managed across multiple systems, and even spreadsheets. In order to deliver on the omni-channel promise, product data must be aggregated and managed in one centralized location.

Deck Commerce allows retailers to integrate and/or feed product content in any format from an unlimited number of back-end systems, creating a content repository for digital product information.
Data Governance
Data management and governance challenges escalate with the vast number of data fields used to describe a single product. However, if the governance is structured intelligently, what can be a challenge to many retailers can be turned into a strategic advantage for those on Deck Commerce

Through the robust product templating system within Deck Commerce, merchandisers can define an unlimited number of attributes for each unique product type within their assortment. The advanced workflow engine coordinates the orchestration of product information across the organization, improving the time-to-market for merchandising functions and providing retailers with helpful insight into the status of all merchandising activities.
Product Attribution
Rich, accurate and consistent product data is critical to ensuring a superior consumer experience, regardless of how and where they are interacting with a brand.

Deck Commerce provides a streamlined process for enriching product content. Product attributes can be defined and associated with multiple data types, including dynamically populated values based on business rules. Channel templates allow retailers to optimize product information for individual channels, ensuring they are maximizing each channels' selling potential.
Omni-Channel Syndication
Entering into new sales channels can be a challenge. Product information must be delivered accurately and in line with the target channel's specifications.

Deck Commerce allows retailers to simultaneously and continuously syndicate enriched product information to all of their digital sales channels including digital storefronts, online marketplaces, in-store applications, consumer shopping engines and more.
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