Distributed Order Management

Automate order processing across multiple distribution & fulfillment points

Powerful distributed order management, seamlessly connecting your front-end consumer channels with your back-end business systems.

Order Aggregation & Global Visibility
Order aggregation and visibility is a key element to omni-channel commerce. Consumers expect a seamless buying experience regardless of how and where they shop. The ability to control and manage orders across sales channels and fulfillment locations plays a vital role in delivering on consumer expectations.

Deck Commerce aggregates all your orders across an unlimited number of consumer channels, including digital storefronts, online marketplaces, Endless Aisle applications, POS systems and more. Global visibility allows you to monitor and manage all orders in one centralized location.
Full Order Life-Cycle Management
Consumers expect products to arrive quickly with flexibility for returns when needed. In order to deliver on consumer expectations retailers must be able to manage the complete life-cycle of an order.

Deck Commerce provides visibility and management capabilities from the time an order is placed to handling the returns and exchange process. From advanced automation rules for order processing to return management that allow for buy anywhere return anywhere capabilities, with Deck Commerce retailers have full visibility into the entire life-cycle of an order.
Omni-Channel Fulfillment Orchestration
Consumers are demanding richer experiences and "buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere" capabilities. Optimizing the order fulfillment process not only helps retailers deliver on the omni-channel promise but it also allows for maximum profitability and savings.

Deck Commerce offers "fulfill from anywhere" capabilities. Whether a consumer wants to pick-up in store, or a retailer prefers to deliver products from a specific warehouse, Deck Commerce has the ability to automate and optimize fulfillment operations while taking into consideration multi-point distribution criteria.
Inventory Visibility & Control
Inventory aggregation and visibility is a key to omni-channel strategies. The ability to control and manage inventory across sales channels and fulfillment locations plays a vital role in delivering on consumer expectations. 

Deck Commerce aggregates all your inventory across an unlimited number of distribution points, including warehouses, retail stores, 3PLs, and drop shippers. Global visibility of inventory allows you to see what's on-hand and what's been committed.
Customer Service Tools
Consumers don't think in terms of channels. Regardless of where they placed their order, they expect customer care to be able to assist them with their concerns and quickly provide a solution.

With Deck Commerce aggregating orders across all consumer channels, customer service representatives have full visibility into orders placed. The customer service portal provides access to the tools needed to create new orders, modify existing orders, provide appeasements, and handle refunds and exchanges.