Enterprise Inventory Management

Aggregate and manage inventory across your distribution network

Unlock omni-channel selling with global inventory visibility.
Centralized Inventory
Inventory aggregation and visibility is a key to omni-channel strategies. The ability to control and manage inventory across sales channels and fulfillment locations plays a vital role in delivering on consumer expectations.

Deck Commerce aggregates all your inventory across an unlimited number of distribution points, including warehouses, retail stores, 3PLs, and drop shippers. Global visibility of inventory allows you to see what's on-hand and what's been committed.
Inventory Allocation & Replenishment
Ensuring that the right inventory is delivered to the right channel at the right time can heavily impact a retailer's ability to reach their maximum revenue potential.

Deck Commerce automates the inventory allocation process with its Available-To-Promise Engine. Advanced distribution controls such as safety stock and channel exclusives allow retailers to deliver the right inventory to the right channel in an effort to maximize sales while also maintaining customer satisfaction.
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